The Other Woman

In the words of NH3: “GOTCHA!”

When I say the other woman, I mean the other women around during the photoshoots and shows we host. When you’re not the model, then you’re the other woman.

We had an amazing photo shoot last weekend. It was great and turned out completely fabulous. I have been doing these shoots, and such events, for the company since I was 21. I had exited regular school, and entered upon the school of life. I called it the College of BARAMI, and yes you learn everything.

This was my first event and I’ll never forget it. I placed an ad on every site that had models on it, I called agencies, and I shot the sh*t with agents. I had a photographer, Joanne, who was shooting with big shot editorials, say she was impressed by my “hustle and drive,” and ask if I needed a photographer. Of course I did, but I had no budget. Was that okay? After chatting, she agreed to do it for free and this started our amazing professional relationship.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 12.28.29 PM
2011: NH1 and NH2, in front of the camera with another PattyLu team member.

My friends from high school were starting a filming crew, so they filmed for me. (culpritcreative) I had a friend who wanted to DJ, so he spun at the show. I happen to host our first fashion show at our 57th and Lexington location, at no cost; aside from my blood, sweat and tears. It turned out to be AWESOME!

From that point forward, I befriended everyone I could: models, people who thought they were models, photographers, people who thought they were photographers, and all aspiring-to-make it individuals. You name it. I maintained these friendships and relationships, and I grew my expertise alongside these exceptional people.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 12.28.47 PM
2011: Our parents WithUsThree at Juliet nightclub in NYC. Andrew Watt performed for us, rocking away on his guitar. It was amazing.

I call myself the other woman, because I’m not the main chick, but I am behind the scenes. Now, Nika and Nora can help more, which is great and much more enjoyable for sure. To have been able to have started this hustle from so young with no knowledge on how, and to have gotten where we are now, is pretty great. All hail #PattyLu, we’re doing our damn thing.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 12.26.32 PM
Chanel, one of my nearest and dearest friends to this day, is on the far right. Elizabeth (second from the left) is still in so many of our shoots all these years later. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.


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