If It’s Not Broken…

… Don’t fix it? If you find a perfect pair of jeans, buy two? I feel like I have always heard these cliché sayings, and never found that they applied to me really. Until now.

Vans at Work w Dad
Vans to work.

Back in 2006 or 2007, I got my first pair of Vans. They were the Authentic style in navy, and were a whole size too big for me. Ultimately, I never really wore them because my foot was always slipping out and I thought I looked like I had clown feet when I put them on.

Vans at Engine 26
Vans at Engine 26, my favorite firehouse in NYC.

Fast forward to 2017, when my friend reintroduced me to the brand. From there, it has basically been a blur. I’ve gone from having one pair that was too big, to having over ten pairs in a variety of colors and styles. I find myself waiting for new styles, new prints, and new colors to be released. I wait for collaborations with Vans and other company’s or people. I buy them for my cousins kids as gifts. I’m constantly getting messages on social media about my excessive number of sneakers.

Vans at Shooting Range
Vans at a shooting range. Disclaimer: I will never go shooting again. It was an experience, but guns are scary.

My entire family was constantly questioning why I love the shoe so much, and now NH1 is steady trying to snag pairs out of my closet. HA, NO. They go with everything I wear, I even wear them when I go out in the city, or out in the snow, or to things you wouldn’t imagine wearing sneakers to; they’re classics. Plus, I can really appreciate the Vans culture. If you don’t already know, aside from being a skate shoe, they’re known for being an all inclusive, accepting, and open brand. I find that to be the most amazing aspect, truly.

Vans on Slide.jpg
Vans on a slide at the zoo. Pink on pink. 

At this point, I’ve had to shift my closet around, get rid of other shoes, and find a new way to organize my shoes in order to get all my Vans together.

Vans Sk8 Hi Blue.JPG
Vans on a rug. 

Maybe I am a little crazy… you can be the judge of that. Afterwards, go try them on and figure out why I love them the way I do.

P.S. This was not a sponsored post, though I wish I was that cool. 

Vans Patty Lu Bag
Vans and a Patty Lu purse.
Vans on Twin.JPG
Vans on my cousins son, second pair I got for him. 
Vans at Rebecca's Wedding.jpg
Vans at Rebecca’s wedding. Yes, I brought my Vans to her wedding. 
Vans in Snow Screengrab
Vans in the snow. And exposed ankles, that I got yelled at for, by mom and other moms.
Vans on Elli.jpg
Vans on my cousins baby. Really just too cute. 
Vans on Mikael.jpg
Vans on another cousins baby. Edible, I’d say. 
Vans to Golf.jpg
Vans to play golf. Although, they don’t look improper compared to Foster’s flip flops. 
Vans with Jeff and Joseph
Vans in Buffalo with Jeff and Joe.
Vans Son Of The Family at PL.jpg
Vans while doing manual labor. I’m my dad’s son.
Vans Spongebob Chic.jpg
Vans while I look Spongebob Chic. 


If you want to get yourself a rad pair of these shoes, visit them on their website for details. My personal preference is the Authentic, but I love ’em all.

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