Oh Nana, What’s My Name?

I have this saying, “if it’s not customized, it’s probably not mine.” It’s very true.

Why do I say such things? Well, for a reason my father loves to mock me for: I can’t help it, nor do I want to.

HAKAKIAN Jacket.jpg
This jacket ended up causing a ruckus in my family chat. Everyone wants one.

I found myself buying cheap clothes from retailers and completely reconstructing them. I would cut them up, sew them back together, paint on them, and enhance them to be totally my own. One of a kind pieces are my kind of pieces.

Nora Jeans.JPG
I used puffy fabric paint on a pair of Forever 21 jeans and created my NORA jeans.

After some time, I found that I did not want to keep spending money buying clothes that I was going to spend more money to alter with paints, brushes, embroidery, etc. This led to me taking items from my own stores and working with those. WIN-WIN.

Nora Blouse.jpg
A Patrizia Luca blouse embroidered to say ‘NORA’ on the front and ‘HAKAKIAN’ on the back.

I took multimedia jackets and painted all over them, blouses to be embroidered, and purses to be decorated. Random people on the street in NYC would call me by my name, leaving me beyond confused, until I noticed my choker said ‘NORA’ across my neck or my jacket said ‘NORA’ on the side. My dad literally made so much fun of me before he realized it would never stop and hopped on board.

Woke Up Felt Vibe.JPG
A Patrizia Luca multimedia jacket with a Kanye quote on the back. It says, “WOKE UP AND FELT THE VIBE.”

I ended up selling a bunch of the purses in my stores, which was awesome. I could never part with some of my clothing for plenty of reasons, but ultimately it was because I put my name on so much of it that it simply couldn’t be sold.

Roger Rabbit Bag.jpg
One of my most favorite purses that I’ve painted thus far included a Roger Rabbit graphic.

Today, I make custom pieces for friends, and friends of friends. It’s really awesome to see how happy people are because of things I make for them.

Mr and Mrs Sneakers
Soon to be NEWLYWEDS!

HEY @MA, guess those art classes didn’t really go to waste! Scroll down for pictures of some of my pieces, and even further down for links to some. Note: the links are to the original items, not the customized ones. Grab a brush and get to work!

Barami Choker
Choker necklace courtesy of Frasier Sterling Jewelry.
Do You Believe Me Bag.jpg
Embroidered Barami Choker.JPG
A nice photo of me, Guy Fieri, and my embroidered BARAMI choker.
Halloween Pants
I painted a pair of H&M joggers for a friends Halloween costume. For the record, he refused to wear joggers up until I made these.
Butterfly Bag
Heart Back Moto Jacket
WIP of a Patrizia Luca moto jacket that said “Adore Me” in the ribbon.
NH3 Jackets.jpg
At some point, Neda told me that I might as well make three of anything I made myself… NH1, NH2, and NH3.
No Smoking Bag.jpg
NORA & NEDA jackets
Dad admiring his work, while you admire mine. NH2 didn’t get the memo.
Nora Backpack
Trendy lil backpack.
NORA earrings.JPG
With 13 ear piercings, I just had to have NORA earrings.
I even painted a skateboard for a friend of a friend…
The front of this jacket I made says NORA. Excuse my Instagram geotag…
The front of my “TAKE ME HOME” jacket.
Sachmechi Jacket.jpg
Shoutout Tiff- she sends me 4 compliments before asking me to make her something. Works for me.
PL jacket
A Patrizia Luca jacket, which is my absolutely favorite statement piece, embroidered with “PATRIZIA LUCA” across the back.

All purses are painted using Angelus Paints, available for purchase here.

The “WOKE UP AND FELT THE VIBE” original jacket will be available this spring here.

The “PATRIZIA LUCA” original jacket is un/fortunately SOLD out, but will be back here soon!

All iron on letters and acrylic paints are available for purchase here.

The personalized charm choker, along with other customizable jewelry, is available for purchase here.

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