Tupac Had A Song Like This

Change(s): verb; to make or become different.

And, what Drake doesn’t tell you in his song: people change. So, even your old friends are “new friends.”

Shoutout Marisa, the epitome of an old and new friend. A forever friend.

New Years having just passed, again, I felt the need to take a look at some times with new, and old friends, and laugh at the evolution of my personal style.

2012: Layers and a diamond necklace. FASHION. Layering is still a thing; judge me.

As kids, us three always played dress up together; most of the time, we were the Spice Girls. We really looked nothing like them, but we were convinced we were crushing it.

Our interpretation of the Spice Girls…

Then, you have the younger years. The bare midriff was all the hype and Juicy Couture pants made you cool. In high school we referred to ourselves FAB 4- we were total rebels. Eventually, I moved to LA to work in our store there; I really played the colorful, under dressed girl from New York. A few years later, I moved back and apparently, thought it was appropriate to go out in a pajama t-shirt and jeans. Lets be real though, I do look spiffy.

I was very into layering, clearly.

Like I said: with every year comes change. Whether it be in your love life, your friendships, your style, or your personality. Change is inevitable. 

Like I said: old and new.

I always aimed to have the best time with whatever I was doing. I always wanted to be in the know with everyone. I was sure to befriended every doorman or security guard to ensure that a problem would never be something I experienced with nightlife. It worked. Now, if I do make it into modern day nightlife, they still remember me. Some things never change.

Who enjoyed this more: me or this gentleman?

Anyway, back to my friendships, to those I am still close with: I love you. My friends know I am all about “the ride or die;” you’re loyal until proven untrustworthy, really.

NH2, mom, and myself. All very fashion forward.
NH2 and myself showcasing the awesome style we had.
Natasha: a new and forever friend. She likes to be an NH with us.
Making friends… with everyone.

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