My First Time: Details

As promised, here is the elaborate post about one of my firsts. I know I fooled everyone with the title, but hey, it got you here didn’t it?

Simply put: my Miami trip had a two-for-one deal, so it gets the elaborate post. I experienced Art Basel and I watched my cousin get engaged; two things I had never done before. Plus, the pictures are awesome, and there are plenty if you keep scrolling.

Cloe’s excitement about being engaged is all of our excitement about Cloe being engaged. Literally.

Cloe told us a few months prior that she was painting a wall in Wynwood during Art Basel; we immediately starting looking up flights. She didn’t tell us it was massive, we found that out ourselves. Knowing she left her day job to pursue this dream of art and is clearly succeeding, I couldn’t give up the opportunity to see her work… and take a vacation.

2401 NW 5th Ave, Miami, FL. Approximately 200 feet of unbelievable #CloeArt.

When I got down to Wynwood the first night, Cloe totally looked like a zombie. Sorry Clo, but you know it good and well. I likely pissed her off because true to form, I was borderline catcalling her while she was painting from out of the taxi window. By the end of her many days painting, she was clearly exhausted and ready to unwind.

A nice photo of said zombie in front of her iconic Frida on my first night there.

After watching other (very handsome) street artists at an event a few of blocks away from her wall, we left for dinner reservations. On the way there, Cloe spotted a cute bench. To her disbelief, the words were spray painted right below the bench: “Cloe, will you marry me?” There it was.

The main event is the question at hand, of course, but spot the Frida sticker in the top right corner!!

I had gotten these disposable cameras off Amazon and was having an absolute field day with them.

Being a celebrity, signing sneakers and sh*t.

We all knew, but it didn’t change a damn thing. Everyone was surprised and so happy for them. The love between the pair is really rare; it’s one you’d read about, or see in a movie, and sort of mock because it’s so clearly impossible. CHEESY ALERT: they prove it’s possible.

Since they’ve been dating, Winston, Cloe’s fiancé, has learned how to spray paint so he could help Cloe. Her face says it all.

Now, to change the subject ever-so quickly, enjoy the photos below from my trip. If you’re interested in purchasing any of Cloe’s work, visit her Etsy page here. To see more of her amazing talent, visit her site here or her Instagram here.

Until next week, yo.

Wonderwoman Sugar Skull.
Cloe’s signature Frida, as a Sugar Skull.
The ‘Ugly Smile’ coined by Cloe.
Dual action…
Another Wonderwoman shot.
I forgot to turn the flash on my disposable off, or on, I don’t know… whoops.
Had to play dress up in Fiesta, the store attached to Cloe’s art.
By the end of our trip, Marco (right) had become part of the group.
Cousins and Brett, NH1’s high school pal.
Poolside with a beer is where I would like to find myself most days.
Ah, young love.
Artist at work. Spray painting diamonds and what not.
Because I’m an angel, duh.
The couple that spray paints together, stays together.
Another ‘Ugly Smile’ shot.
Frida on a wall and Frida on a denim jacket.
4 AM travels via UHAUL truck.
Alien suit courtesy of Missguided.
Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 12.30.29 PM.png
Kids Of Twins above the work in progress ft. Marco.
Me and Marco. Marco and me.
I know we should be focused on Winston and Cloe, but please take a look at me in the background, double fisting a GoPro and a phone to capture the moment.
Marco’s reaction… and the girl behind Marco.
InkBox sleeve.
Me and the groom-to-be.
Just some really cool street artists.
InkBox tat part deux
The final InkBox sleeve, courtesy of CloeArt.

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