I lied…

Last week, I told a lie.

I didn’t mean to, I really didn’t. I told you all, and frankly myself, that I would dedicate this week to one of my memories from my post about firsts. I’m sorry. I promise you all that I will.

I just couldn’t give up an opportunity to jump on the 2017 highlight bandwagon with NH1 and NH2. After all, you are reading WithUsThree. While I can tell you that last weeks memories were also major highlights, this will be different. So this week, I give you what Kanye talks about in one of his songs: “WE ONLY MAKIN’ THE HIGHLIGHTS.”

BROTHERS & SISTERS ft. Dalia. One of my most favorite additions.

I really only have one major highlight. If you’ve been keeping up you will probably roll your eyes at this, but here it goes…


Yeah, I said it. The highlight of 2017 for me, was the growth of my family. Physical and nonphysical growth within the 5 of us (dad, mom, NH1, NH2, and me) and throughout my entire extended family.

We surprised NH1 with a birthday party and flying dad home early… it was awesome.

Some cousins got pregnant, some had babies, and some of those babies said my name (OMG!!). Being the youngest of the first generation cousins, it was always tough to transition from the baby of the family to an adult in their eyes. I grew closer with so many of my older cousins this year, ones I never thought I’d get there with, but I’m so thankful I did.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.23.31 PM
I bet all of us remember how hard we were laughing just before this picture was taken…

This entire post, short and sweet, is dedicated to the Hakakian’s. Thank you for allowing the easiest highlight of my year to be the realization of the ever-growing support system I have. I will be forever grateful that I was born into this.

I am forever blessed to be a Hakakian.

Enjoy all of the photos, ya gotta admit they’re real cute.

Bobby, second oldest of the first generation cousins, and baby NH3.
Dad, UsThree, one of dads cousins, and some of dads nieces and nephews.
Sundays are for the boys, right? The second generation cousins.

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