New Year Who Dis?

Now that we no longer travel to resorts that handle ALL things New Years, the anxiety rolls in each year: whats your NYE plan?

Let me tell you: the older you get, the more you hope and pray that someone more mature than you is having a house party. That means you will have a place to be, you won’t have to wait in line (not that I ever did, or would) and you know, you also save a pretty penny.  Again, there were rare occasions where I paid. Yes, I was that person.

Neda Nika 2011
NH1 & NH2; NYE 2011

I never had NYE goals. Stubborn Neda: perfect just the way she was.

So, this year is my year to grow emotionally, financially, etc.  I would be a liar if I said that instant gratification wasn’t my favorite drug, that I wasn’t all about the right now, or that it didn’t matter what that meant for the later version of me.  I learned with time, because I was way too cool to listen at the moment, that the good things, the great things, the things you drool for and live for- they actually take time. Maybe, even some planning!

Neda and Nika 2012
NH1 & NH2; NYE 2012 in Mexico

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy year to come, let this year be as fruitful as my post. Anyone that knows me, knows how true this holds for me.  I quit cigarettes, something I didn’t think possible, I’ve been working on myself, and I will eventually get to the gym… one day. Until then, my lazy girl work out is doing its damn thing.

Neda and Nika Mexico 2012
NH2 & NH1; NYE 2012 in Mexico. Yes, I changed my outfit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my past NYE photos – they highlight the ever changing hair color, and weight, of NH1.

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