My First Time…

Around this time of the year, mid December, we hope that by now we’ve all hit some milestones in the last 365 days and kept some of our last NYE resolutions. Many people set goals for the next year, some people reflect on the past year, and few people are truly grateful for all of this years blessings.

Personally, I’m finding that as I watch 2017 come to an end, I somehow fit into all of those categories. This year, I experienced so much that frankly, it was pretty overwhelming.

I made mistakes, I totally did. I screwed up and I had to go back and start fresh, but overall, I wouldn’t change a single part of my experiences. I learned so much and that is a win in my book.

I had a lot of really awesome moments this year, I kept a mason jar filled with major moments from the last year, both good and bad. I won’t open it until after the year is over, but if I had to revisit some of my most memorable, positive, moments of 2017, here is what they’d be…

I opened two of our retail stores, basically on my own (though NH1 and NH2 will have you thinking otherwise). I literally painted one of them by myself. I had to borrow a 10 foot ladder from a neighboring store, carry it to our store, then tape up and paint the entire store.

Barami RF Set Up
Opening up in my local mall was an experience, to say the least.  Note: the 10 foot ladder.

My best friend got married; me and my friends all traveled up to Buffalo to celebrate with her, it was our first trip all together. We laughed so much this trip.

Rebeccas Wedding 2
A few of us with the bride.

I got to support my cousin during an amazing opportunity she had painting a massive building in Wynwood, Miami for Art Basel. Then, I got to be there as her amazing boyfriend turned into her amazing fiancé.

CloeART Basel Cleopatra
Me & Cleopatra. Check out the #CloeART to see more of her amazing art.

I went to June Ball. I can’t explain what it is really, other than maybe a more formal, military, version of prom; growing up around here, going to this was something I always wanted to do. Plus, I got to go with one of my best friends. It’s a long and kind of strange story, but it was awesome.

Shoutout to Tall A*s Wade for this one.

I tackled  a lot of new things this year, I’m proud of myself. There is way, way more to talk about, but I’ve been told that ranting is not a strong suit of mine.

Next week, I’ll elaborate on one. Stay tuned, yo.

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