Tips For Life

Someone once said, “happiness is a choice,” and I believe it. It is a frame of mind, and truly a choice. I’ve learned that while ‘misery loves company,’ so does happiness. People will migrate towards you if you’re truly happy; smiles are contagious. If you’re not, then you’re making the wrong choice. Spreading love is easy if you’re internally happy, which makes for a happy life and a happy world.

Staying true to myself: silly vibes.

My dad taught me to never judge; never judge a person, a situation, anyone, or anything. He often told me to see the best in people, and that people who assumed others were a certain way, only assumed such because they were likely that way themselves. Liars thought others were liars and honest people thought others were honest.

Family love at my birthday this year.

In this family, it’s important to remain loving. It’s hard not to be loving. I’ve found that in a family so large, the wealth of love is outstanding, and the ability to be yourself is great. Not many can say that about themselves. It’s easy to get lost in a family so big, to lose yourself, or to find that maybe the level of love is lost person to person. I am grateful to say that the opposite is true for us. I was taught to love wholeheartedly and be unique to my rare self.

Just a few of us. To clarify, I’m the one ‘posing’ at the bottom left. Yup.

My final piece of advice would be to stay humble and be appreciative of everything you’ve got in this life. Someone somewhere has it better, sure, but someone else someplace else has it way worse. It is important to give back to your community and those around you. My dad always says his greatest pleasure was giving back to people.

Full hair & funky glasses. Perfect description for me.

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