The Unibrow Wasn’t Always Stylish

At a very young age I knew I was different, not necessarily anything super special, just not basic.  I was always out going, loud, and according to my mom, the defender of my little sister.  I was shorter than MOST, browner than MOST, and had a unibrow that ensured I got picked on. I was still cute, even if it was just my mother and father telling me.  I was cute!  

I grew up with a father who wanted his girls to be independent, not fearful of the world; leaders, learners, and good citizens of society.

I wasn’t always a great citizen of society; I was more of a badass- my poor mother. I was a rebel. I thought that was cool, and because I wasn’t as “pretty” as the other girls in grade school, I tried to stand out other ways.

Mommy & Me.


My father always said, what you do now will ripple in your future.  Let me tell you, I cried ONCE at a family dinner when I was not even 5, and to this day I am still remembered as the little girl who cried. Even if it was that one time.

If I could rewind, here’s what I would do: I would listen more and do less.  Watch more, absorb everything, and not be a rebel with no cause; I truly would.

My ‘rebellious’ years.

You can’t change your past, but you can learn from it.  The girl who was once the b*tch, is truly always there if you need me.  Your parents are typically right nine out of ten times, and you’re just stubborn as a growing teen.  I assure you, I am the definition of stubborn, persistent, etc., but if I could go back and change some things, I would. I love where I am now and who I am now, and yes, my mistakes did help with some of the changes in my behavior, but not all of them were worth it. So, if you assume this, if what you have now is great even with the errors your past holds, just imagine how much greater it could be if some of those errors had not been experienced?

Note: apparently basketball sweats were trendy then, too.

Its cheaper to learn from someone else’s errors – words to live by.

Oh, and be nice to everyone, even the girl with the unibrow. ☺


Only thing better than one Neda? Two Nedas.

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