Ode to Beauty Bloggers

Let me start off with saying, this is so not me.  I, unfortunately although vain, am one of the laziest humans of all times; I’m sure Nora rolling’s her eyes.  She won’t let me in her bed without fully washing off my make up, and those are the only times I get to bed with a clean face.  I was LUCKY that, although lazy, I don’t break out like my sisters do. I swear. Maybe I am just insane, but when I use fancier products and washes, I DO BREAKOUT; even if it is ever so slightly. It doesn’t happen when I go the gross route of washing my face with bar soap.  This is a fact… kind of.

With that being said, I do have fun using products. I am signed up for IPSY (Shout out, let a girl get some samples). I am also obsessed with this beauty supply store on the corner near one of our stores.  It’s one of those secret gems where you find things you didn’t even knew you needed. A hundred bucks later, you find out that apparently you did ‘need‘ it.

I usually go through phases, like, “Oh, NOSE STRIPS? Sign me up!”

I’l randomly throw it on for a few minutes, and truly relish in the pain of ripping it off.  I’M THAT GIRL. Again, I praise you stunning bloggers who can pose with these things on, here’s my ode to you. Frankly, unless I am at work, or going out, you can find me in pajamas, with no make up (See: those Drake lyrics– he knows what’s up).  Comfort is always a classic, and KEY, for me.

Then, I have that roller blade thing, and still no idea HOW to use it. I figure hey mom and Nora have it, so it MUST be good. So, I went ahead and ordered it. After three months, I still have no clue how to use it, but I do know how to use Boomerang, so I made one (see all the fancy media below). I’ll roll the blade over my lips, too, convinced it will have them looking less chapped.

It’s a good time, but I certainly don’t know if it is actually working.

Then, I did a search for the black bags under my eyes. Lets be clear: Nika and Nora do have it far worse, because well they’re lighter than I am, BUT I found these amazing gimmicks. Again, I couldn’t promise you that they work, but they are for sure entertaining- to say the least. I send scary snap chats to the world when I have them on, but sometimes the pics are cute.

I leave it on while I use the roller- two birds, one stone.

Trust me, I am a sight for sore eyes. But, for not being a beauty blogger, this lets me think I am actually doing good for my body, and that I’m fancy.

I’m more about the lazy girl work out,and one day we will get into that.

Beauty Roller

Beauty Lip Mask

Beauty Eye Mask On
Who doesn’t love a Snapchat filter?
Beauty Eye Mask
Beauty Nose Strip Beauty Nose Strip On Beauty is pain, right?


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