Keep It ‘Simple’

What are my beauty tips? The only one is this: keep it simple.

For starters, I use Cetaphil to cleanse daily. It’s really inexpensive, and you can find it at most drugstores; it is my favorite. I have super sensitive skin, I blame my mother, and because it’s so gentle I never get any irritations on my face from it. It is easy on my skin and cleans all of my unwanted make up off, without fail!

Like most other women, when I get closer to “that time of the month,” and feel like my face is breaking out, I turn to my go-to face mask: Boscia Black Charcoal Mask. I love that it dries onto my skin, and I get to peel it off at the end. As I peel it, I really feel like my blackheads, and unwanted blemishes, are peeling off with the the mask. It has that same consistency of Elmer’s Glue. You remember, as a kid, spreading the glue in the palm of your hand, waiting for it to dry, then freaking your friends out as you peeled it off? Yeah, it’s that same pleasure. With this mask, in about 15 minutes, my face is as good as new!

Now, this is my most favorite beauty ‘secret:’ Dr. Dennis Gross Glow Pads.

It is an exfoliante on the skin, and it’s a self tanner! Win-win in my eyes. I have introduced this to all my friends and family, and everyone loves it! Everytime I use a pad, I feel as though my face is ‘fresh as f**k.’ I complete the day, and my look, with a perfect glow, even skin, and much more confidence! Unfortunately, this will remain the case for about 2 days until I am forced to use another one!

There is a reason why they call this next product the ‘Money Maker!’ Anyone who knows me, knows my hair is my ‘thing.’ My mom has a Farsi nickname for me, that literally translates to ‘load of hair,’ and it’s because I actually have so much of it atop my head. So, when I get our of the shower, after I have done my routine (which includes spending a minimum of twenty-five minutes drying my MANE, and then another 15 minutes on ironing it and curling it), I always conclude with a nice spray of my drybar hair spray, which I refuse to share with my sisters. I’ve got to ensure my hard work stays in place and looks fresh all day and through the night, and this product certainly make sure of this.

So, fine, my hair care routine isn’t necessarily simple. But, I keep the rest of it pretty simple.



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