About Us: Nora

Being the youngest in a family of girls is one of those things people call ‘a blessing and a curse.’ Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly nice, but now that I’m 23 years old, being referred to by my older sisters as ‘my baby sister,’ makes things a bit awkward. It also meant that growing up, people knew me as their sister; the bagel store guy, the pizza store guy, the teachers in my high school, and the kids around town. Of course, that has all changed now, because as Neda so accurately puts it, I’m the ‘cool’ one. Plus, now I don’t have to fight for the front seat in the car. Now, they’re Nora’s sisters. Lucky them, huh? Like I said, blessing and curse.

We refer to ourselves as NH3; NH1 being Neda, NH2 being Nika, and NH3 being myself. We’re all extremely proud to be part of our family, we’re all extremely thankful for the constant surge of support and happiness we get simply by being Hakakian’s. I find myself constantly making the joke about how I’ll never change my last name; maybe it’s not really a joke. I guess we’ll find out. For someone on the outside of our family, it seems all peachy keen. Don’t be fooled. We’re three extremely opinionated girls. Our poor, poor father; he deals with the three of us on the daily, from professional to personal, and still maintains his sanity. Remind me to ask him how he does it, because it still amazes me.

We never thought we’d get to this place- at least, I for sure didn’t. I never thought I’d be a part of the family business, I never thought I’d be working long days and long nights opening stores, I never thought I’d have people calling me all day for help, and I never thought I’d be working so hard to be what my grandma used to call me: “Bahram koochooloo,” which is Farsi for “Little Bahram,” (my dads name).  It’s the biggest compliment I’ve received in all my years, and it took me a long, long time to realize it. Don’t tell my mother I said it, though. I swear I’ll never hear the end of it.

I’ve grown up with a very different sense of style. I say different because when I was younger, I’d literally dress so crazy that I don’t even know how to describe it today. Growing up in this family, surrounded by style and design from all ends, certainly had its perks. Now that I’ve grow up, it’s still very different, but I’ve finessed it a little, at least I think I have. My friends still make jokes about some of my outfits, but what do they know. If you don’t stand out, you only blend it.

So here we are. Just learning how to put all of our insane thoughts into word documents, attempting to be grammatically (and politically) correct. Letting people into our crazy brains. As Nika likes to say, “fashion is our passion,” and she’s not wrong. Good luck to us all. 

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