About Us: Nika

About me?

Well, fashion is my passion.

I was exposed to fashion from a very young age. I remember at around age 8, Neda and I would have days off from school and would love spending the day at our dad’s office. We would spend hours just walking around the huge office admiring all of the amazing designs that would fill the rooms. We would even create our own “office,” which was the coatroom behind dad’s desk.

Growing up, I was never given things for “free.” Every Sunday, dad had me work at one of the stores, in exchange for my allowance. If I didn’t work, I didn’t receive my allowance. 

…So who am I?

I am the middle child of three sisters, which gave me the name NH2. Many people say that the middle child is the classified as the “forgotten child,” but I do not feel that way at all. Neda, Nora, and I all sparkle, but in very unique ways. Our parents are sure to remind us how unique we truly are.

I come from a very large Persian family. Outside of my immediate family, I have 21 first cousins from my 5 uncles, and a group chat of over 45 people, with the same, last name: HAKAKIAN. If you have ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I would say I have the same family style as the main actress. Frankly, the best nights of my weeks are the ones spent with my huge family.

I spent 4 years studying International Business, doing an abroad period in Paris. All throughout my studies, I somewhat always knew that after school I wanted to work in the fashion industry; it bode well for me that I played office all those years behind dad.

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