About Us: Neda

The eldest, the shortest, and according to my mother, the ‘special child.’ 30 years in the making, and what can I tell you? Aside from life hasnt even fully begun. I always considered myself unstoppable, invincible perhaps; I can now conclude I totally had a Napoleon complex growing up; it took a minute, and some growing up, to realize it. At thirty, the growing has been done, and now I’m unstoppable

Growing up, I always envied my friends and their lack of family. Keep in mind, this was me at age 10, wanting to spend the night at a friends, and never being allowed by my parents. Now, those same friends, some who have lost touch over time, tell me they wish they could be a part this family; I was blessed to be born into this. HAKAKIAN, I swear, I smirk while typing it. It isn’t only my last name – it defines who I am: the product of a family so diverse, and so loving.  We’re lucky to have parents who adore us and put us in our place when needs be, and they’re usually right in doing so.

Anyway, who am I? Aside from NH1, growing up, and even still, idolizing my father- I love you @mom! But, growing up with a designer father, who everyone deemed the sexy dad, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up: I wanted to be my dad. But, I am a girl – so dad wasn’t an option. I wanted to be the boss – so that’s what I did. I BOSSED my younger sisters around until they were far taller, and scarier, than I was. Ultimately, I realized the unit of us 3 was stronger than me, myself, and I.
I began working right after school; I moved to LA and thought I was the coolest. I grew up some more, got fired by a manager within my own father’s company- like I said, we were put in our place when we had to be, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Values, principles, and pride have all been instilled in us. We weren’t handed anything with a silver spoon. Instead, we were handed the guidelines of life.
Now at 30, with the NH3 team, we will be bosses.
Trial and tribulations done fashionably.

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